SAP Innovation Award 2022

NextChain awarded along with Arpa Industriale!

NextChain, company of the sedApta group, receives the important recognition at the SAP Innovation Awards 2022 for the entire implementation of the SAP system within Arpa Industriale’s next-generation FENIX plant, which was awarded in the Social Catalyst category.

Arpa Industriale has decided to place its complete trust in the NextChain team. The aim of its project is to create, within the FENIX site, a new production line completely dedicated to innovative materials conceived for interior design.

NextChain, thus implemented the combination of SAP Core and SAP Business Technology Platform software to enable Arpa Industriale obtain real-time information and predictive factory analytics. In addition, SAP Manufacturing applications enable them to automate production and optimize operations through data collection and analysis.

“With best practices and intelligent automation capabilities integrated into factory operations using the manufacturing and supply chain solutions provided by SAP, the Arpa Industriale vision of a reproducible model for Industry 4.0 operational excellence and sustainability has become a reality. Using dashboards, predictive analytics, and automation built into SAP solutions, we can identify best practices and teach them to the machines, systems, and operators on the factory floor.” explains Stefano Rossetti, production manager at Arpa Industriale and project leader of the new FENIX factory.