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The needs of recent years have developed new consumption patterns, directly involving the logistics sector. Demand variability, sales time compression, delivery tracking and integration within the Supply Chain have given a boost to the Transportation Management (TM) segment, refining the concept of the Extended Supply Chain. The answer to these needs is embodied in the NextRoute solution. 

The NextRoute platform is based on some basic components developed by Nextchain, which enable the processes described here below: 

  • Rate Management System, which allows the definition of reference geographies and configurable pricing schemes, that will then be the basis for evolved procurement tender management and cost simulations that can be activated directly from the sedApta Control Tower;   
  • Involvement of transportation service providers in collaborative scenarios in the procurement and execution phase of shipments; 
  • Real-time tracking engine for International Freight Forwarding services, which automatically updates shipment data and provides access to qualified information with logistics dimensions (not only Container ID and Booking, but also Part Number, Purchase Order, ERP Delivery); 
  • Access to carrier schedules for a potential shipment simulation from the Control Tower that combines economic data with possible departures and expected time of arrival (ETA) of the shipment;  
  • Real-time integration with the sedApta suite for evaluation of transportation schedule updates, triggered by tracking events, and simulations of alternative shipments (Cost, Vendor Rating, Time… linked to official carrier schemes);  

Furthermore, the Smart Tracking solution, which is cloud-enabled and therefore available as SaaS, provides all the benefits of scalability, accessibility, compatibility, security, software upgrades and updates, enabling rapid deployment, with brief online training that allows customers to upgrade their profile and use the platform, with a low initial investment, variable and competitive pricing profiles, and no operational costs for managing the web-accessible platform.